In Memory of Vollis Simpson


Art in Wilson was in the beginning when local artists through the encouragement of the Wilson Community Technical College’s, Rufus Swain who started programs that lead to the formation of the WAAA.  From there, other private efforts of many, challenged by Edna Earle Boykin made it what we have today, one of the better art centers in North Carolina.  Local folk-artist, Vollis Simpson was a self-taught, and has accomplished putting Wilson and North Carolina on the map while opening the doors for other artists, self-taught or academic, changing the City of Wilson for the better, WILSON CITY OF THE ARTS. His legacy will live on for his artistry and the Whirligigs he has left behind for us to enjoy.

Art exhibit at the Boykin Center July 18-21st

Horace Raper will be having an art exhibit at the Boykin Center July 18-21st  and is hoping to be there during each of the shows of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in the Hammond Gallery.  It is located right as you enter the Boykin Center on Nash Street. The art show will be this Thursday, Friday and Saturday ( I think the play starts at 7:30) and Sunday will be around 2:30.  HR

Renew your membership.

Attached is the membership renewal form.2013%20Membership%20Form

We have  some exciting guest speakers outlined for upcoming meetings and the Featured Artist for the next show will be Gene Rouse from Goldsboro.  He is a new member of our organization.  If you haven’t seen the current show in the Vincent Lowe Gallery with Featured Artist Frans van Baars, please stop by the Arts Council of Wilson.


Featured Artist Frans van Baars

If you haven’t seen the current show in the Vincent Lowe Gallery with Featured Artist Frans van Baars, please stop by the Arts Council of Wilson. He has a vast collection on exhibit with many additional members of the WAAA showing in the gallery as well as those featured in the Annie Boykin Gallery downstairs.  It’s a fabulous collection of art!

Message from the President

A very personal dream of a gracious lady, Edna Earle Boykin, now deceased, began simply through recognizing the need for a venue and social climate of awareness, where all people in and coming to Wilson, N.C. could enjoy the arts. It was supporters like Dr. Charles Cooke and Vincent Lowe who were inspired by her and gave life to her dream. These people in collaboration with many local artists and art appreciators gave the Wilson Jaycees the idea of starting the Permanent Art Collection. It was housed at the Wilson Library and shared with the public there prior to the now existing Wilson Arts Center on Nash Street. The Wilson Active Artists Association also contributed by holding the first general public art show at old Parkwood Mall. It was also the involvement of Atlantic College now Barton College, and the Community College that contributed to Wilson N. C. being involved with the arts. At this time and place the arts continue as a necessary ingredient to all citizens and the growth of Wilson, N.C….WILSON, THE CITY OF THE ARTS

Just a reminder…..

Just a reminder that Wendy Ferguson-Whitehead is STILL looking for vendors to set up during the weekend when A Portrait of Patsy Cline opens with the Theatre of the American South.  This is a free opportunity for you to display and sell your work!!!  Contact Wendy for details.

free just bring your table and chairs May 18 contact Wendy for more info 252-532-9150 

Feb 12 – Regular Meeting, 4:30 PM at the Wilson Arts Council building

Please join us!  The February program speaker will be Renee’ Moore.

The Wilson Active Artists Association met on January 8, 2013, at 4:00 PM for the purposes of a field trip by bus to go to Jerry’s Art-a-Rama in Raleigh, NC.  There was no regular meeting and no WAAA business.

Janice Gravely was the Featured Artist for the January-February show. She was introduced at the opening reception by Amy Hughes, gallery director, downstairs in the Boykin Gallery and then was escorted upstairs with seating and a display table for her books, cards,etc. The opening reception was well attended by members of the WAAA.

Please find the 2013 Membership Form here: 2013%20Membership%20Form

Lowe Gallery – New Exhibition for January

Just wanted to clarify that we will NOT be having a regular meeting on Tuesday, January 8th.  We have the field trip to Jerry’s in Raleigh and it is in place of our regular meeting.  If you are not able to go to Jerry’s then we will see you in February!
Also, we would like to remind you that Mrs. Janice Gravely is our featured artists for the January-February show.  The opening reception is January 17th from 5:30pm – 7:30pm.  Please make your best efforts to come and support both Janice and the Wilson Active Artists Association.


Our WAAA Biennial Show is coming up soon.  Normally we bring work in by 1:00 on Tuesday before the opening reception. That will not be the case this time.  Since this is our BIG SHOW and we will be displaying work upstairs and downstairs and need more time to hang, please bring work in on Tuesday or Wednesday, July 24-25.  Hanging will begin on Thursday, July 26.  You may bring up to 5 pieces of art for this show.

Reception will be Thursday, August 2 from 5:30-7:30.